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At Maryland Pressure Wash, same owner as TS Pressure Washing & Deck Restorations, we do things different then any other company out there. We like to spend money on the right materials to get the best result possible. It really has nothing to do with pressure washing, but using the right Earth Friendly materials to eliminate the algae & live mold spores or the removal of any old deck sealer-stains. 

There’s so much more to say and inform the general public about, but as a wood restoration expert, there’s so many decks and not enough time. I will gladly inform you of the right way to pressure wash with no damage to anything.

Maryland Pressure Wash in Olney, MD is at your service.

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

At Maryland Pressure Wash, same owner as TS Pressure Washing & Deck Restorations, we are all about keeping the integrity in tact of what we are cleaning or restoring. Understanding that we use Earth Friendly materials and why we use them to educate the homeowner is a huge benefit. The outcome of the finished-restored project is stunning. Everything will look as good as new, again.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

As owner of Maryland Pressure Wash, I personally will guarantee that you will be happy-satisfied with the outcome. We are not perfect but do strive for perfection. At this point of my career and owner of Maryland Pressure Wash, I am still working with a 100% success rate. 

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We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Please contact us to set up your pressure washing home service or with any questions on our services. We look forward to working with you!

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We will work weekends when necessary. I’m old school and like to let my employees have time with their family. I will do estimates anytime during the week.